Tendering Process
Omran follows a standardized tendering process, governed by the Laws of the Sultanate of Oman, and its Tendering & Procurement Manual in order to strike a balanced result of commercial viability, technical excellence, and sustainability.

Omran strives to foster open & fair tendering when it comes to tendering type & strategy, but in a case base basis, would use other tendering strategies such as Single Source negotiations & Selected Bidders Lists.

For all items, the Internal Tender Committees governess decision making related to award of contracts, services and materials

For all items, the Omani Tender Board process applies. For more details please visit http://www.tenderboard.gov.om/

Omran may also contract the services of Purchasing Agents on specific projects, whereby the Purchasing Agent represents Omran’s interests whilst complying with the governing authorities rules.

In striving to meet the nations 2020 vision, Omran’s commercial strategy is designed to help the local communities, as well as the national economy at large.

Standard Documents: 

Government terms for construction (downloadable pdf)
Government terms for consultancy (downloadable pdf)

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